Today in History :: Aviation day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[2010-01-27 :: Death of Lee Andrew Archer Jr. American Fighter aircraft pilot in the African-American WWII unit the Tuskegee Airmen, first African American military aviators in the United States Army Air Corps earning the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.]]><![CDATA[2009-01-27 :: OEGAA, a Cessna Citation V operating as the Tyrol Air Ambulance is substantially damaged in a belly landing at Tolmachevo Airport Russia.]]><![CDATA[2009-01-27 :: FedEx Express Flight 8284, an ATR 42-320-Cargo, registration N902FX, crashes short of the runway at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport in the United States, and is destroyed in the subsequent fire.]]><![CDATA[2002-01-27 :: Boeing&rsquo;s 737, the world&rsquo;s most widely use twin jet, becomes the first jetliner in history to amass more than 100 million flying hours. The 737 was launched onto the market 1965.]]><![CDATA[2002-01-27 :: Shelkovskaya Mil Mi-8 crash in Chechnya killed 14 people, including senior Russian officers, among them the deputy Interior Minister Mikhail Rudchenko.]]><![CDATA[2001-01-27 :: The Oklahoma State University men&rsquo;s basketball team plane crash occurred when a Beechcraft Super King Air 200, registration N81 PF carrying the Oklahoma State University basketball team, crashed near Strasburg, Colorado. The pilot had become disoriented in a snow storm. The plane was flying from Jefferson County Airport to Stillwater Regional Airport after a game against the Colorado Buffaloes men&rsquo;s basketball. The plane was carrying two players, as well as the pilot and members of the media. There was a total of 10 fatalities.]]><![CDATA[1998-01-27 :: A Myanma Airways Fokker F27 crashed while taking off from Yangon, Myanmar killing 16 of the 45 people on board.]]><![CDATA[1997-01-27 :: Death of Cecil Arthur Lewis, British WWI flying ace, Vickers Instructor for Chinese pilots. Last surviving WWI ace, He co-founded the BBC and enjoyed a long career as a writer.]]><![CDATA[1992-01-27 :: Death of Harold Edgar Mott, Canadian WWI flying ace.]]><![CDATA[1991-01-27 :: Two U. S. Air Force F-15 C Eagles of the 53rd Tactical Fighter Squadron shoot down two Iraqi MiG-23 s and two Iraqi Mirage F1 s 60-100 miles (97-161 km) south of Baghdad using Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles. United States Central Command claims that Iraqi naval losses thus far in the Gulf War total one oil platform, two patrol boats, one tanker, and four unidentified ships presumed sunk and four mine warfare ships, one hovercraft, three patrol boats, and two unidentified vessels confirmed as sunk. Coalition aircraft have inflicted most of the losses.]]>