Today in History :: Aviation day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[2009-11-18 :: Pel-Air Westwind ditching or Norfolk Island ditching was an aircraft accident near Norfolk Island. A Westwind II jet operated by Pel-Air was conducting an air ambulance flight for CareFlight International when it was forced to ditch after being unable to land in bad weather and not having sufficient fuel to divert to an alternate destination.]]><![CDATA[2009-11-18 :: Iran Air Fokker 100 EP-CFO suffered an undercarriage malfunction on take-off from Isfahan International Airport. The aircraft was on a flight to Mehrabad Airport, Tehran when the undercarriage failed to retract. The aircraft landed at Isfahan but was substantially damaged when the left main gear collapsed.]]><![CDATA[2009-11-18 :: Virgin America commences service between their San Francisco (SFO) hub and Fort Lauderdale (FLL), as well as LAX-FLL.]]><![CDATA[2002-11-18 :: American Airlines and British Airways announce plans to code-share some transatlantic flights, but the partnership is heavily restricted by US regulators.]]><![CDATA[1997-11-18 :: The FBI concludes its investigation of the TWA Flight 800 crash, declaring there is no evidence of foul play. The NTSB&rsquo;s investigation would continue.]]><![CDATA[1985-11-18 :: The first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, is flown to Washington Dulles International Airport atop a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and transferred from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to the Smithsonian Institution for eventual museum display. Although lacking engines and a heat shield and never having flown in space, it has been used for shuttle portability, gliding, vibration, and launch pad tests and on publicity tours.]]><![CDATA[1985-11-18 :: Cessna is purchased by General Dynamics]]><![CDATA[1983-11-18 :: (Aeroflot Flight 6833, a Tupolev Tu-134, is hijacked by seven Georgians attempting to defect from the Soviet Union; the aircraft is stormed by Alpha Group who arrest four hijackers; three are executed while the fourth receives a jail sentence; of the 71 on board (including the hijackers), eight die; the aircraft is written off.]]><![CDATA[1978-11-18 :: First flight of the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet]]><![CDATA[1975-11-18 :: Boeing Wichita delivers its first modified B-52D to the Strategic Air Command.]]>