Today in History :: Aviation day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[2009-06-17 :: A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24MR Fencer crashes on landing at the Monchegorsk Airforce Base, Murmansk Oblast, Russia. The aircraft from the 98th Separate Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment suffered a heavy landing forcing the 2 crew to eject safely.]]><![CDATA[2002-06-17 :: C-130 Hercules airtanker crashes: Two large airtankers &ndash; A C-130 Hercules and a PB4Y-2 Privateer &ndash; crashed about a month apart while performing aerial firefighting operations.]]><![CDATA[2000-06-17 :: CityFlyer Express Flight 8106 was a BAe 146 aircraft hijacked on a flight from Z&uuml;rich Airport to London Gatwick Airport. After the aircraft landed at Gatwick, the hijacker was arrested without any injuries to the occupants.]]><![CDATA[1998-06-17 :: Kamov Ka-50, Hokum, crash at Army Aviation Combat Training Centre, Torzhok, kills Gen. Boris Vorobyov.]]><![CDATA[1995-06-17 :: Entered Service: Boeing 777 with United Airlines]]><![CDATA[1991-06-17 :: Alaska Airlines commences services to the Soviet Union]]><![CDATA[1989-06-17 :: Stanley David Griggs, Astronaut (STS 51-D), dies plane crash at 59.]]><![CDATA[1986-06-17 :: Last flight ever by a Boeing B-47 Stratojet when B-47E-25-DT, 52-0166, was restored to flight status for a one-time-only ferry move from Naval Weapons Center China Lake, California to Castle Air Force Base, California for museum display.]]><![CDATA[1986-06-17 :: Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, 63-7983, c/n 18600, 305th Air Refuelling Wing, Det. 1, TDY, hits the runway at Howard AB, Panama, becomes airborne again and then crashes into a hill in the jungle.]]><![CDATA[1985-06-17 :: Launch: Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51-G at 11:33:00 UTC. Mission highlights: Multiple comsat deployments. Flight of first member of royalty, Saudi, Muslim, and Arab in space, Sultan Salman Al Saud.]]>