Today in History :: Death day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[1997-04-24 :: Pat Paulsen: Comedian (Smothers Brothers Show), dies at 69]]><![CDATA[1996-04-24 :: Donald Cammell: Film director, dies at 62]]><![CDATA[1996-04-24 :: Preston Lockwood: Actor (House of Windsor, Black Candle), dies at 83]]><![CDATA[1995-04-24 :: Douglas Gunsekera: Banker, dies at 77]]><![CDATA[1993-04-24 :: Oliver R Tambo: Chairman (African National Congress), dies at 75]]><![CDATA[1991-04-24 :: J de Graaf: Ethicus / president church and peace]]><![CDATA[1990-04-24 :: Joseph Leberman: Entertainer]]><![CDATA[1986-04-24 :: Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson: (Edward abdicated for her), dies at 89]]><![CDATA[1985-04-24 :: Sergei Yutkevich: Russian director, (Otello, Banya), dies at 80]]><![CDATA[1980-04-24 :: Alentejo Carpentier: Cuban / French writer (Guerra del Tiempo), dies at 75]]>