Today in History :: Death day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[1995-06-17 :: Claire Sterling: Journalist, dies at 75]]><![CDATA[1994-06-17 :: Joeri Nagibin: Russian screenwriter (Babje Karstvo), dies at 74]]><![CDATA[1993-06-17 :: Angus Suttie: English potter, dies of AIDS at 46]]><![CDATA[1993-06-17 :: French of Nouhuys: Civil servant in Indonesia, dies at 88]]><![CDATA[1992-06-17 :: Dewey Balfa: Bayou fiddler, dies at 65]]><![CDATA[1990-06-17 :: Dick Elffers: Graphic artist]]><![CDATA[1990-06-17 :: Palmira Henry: Fashion designer, dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 44]]><![CDATA[1989-06-17 :: John Matusek: NFLer (Oak Raider) / actor, dies of a heart attack at 38]]><![CDATA[1989-06-17 :: Stanley David Griggs: Astronaut (STS 51-D), dies in plane crash at 59]]><![CDATA[1987-06-17 :: Dick Howser: Manager (New York Yankees and KC Royal), dies of brain cancer at 51]]>