Today in History :: Event day in history website and APIen-us<![CDATA[1997-04-24 :: &quot;Steel Peer, &quot; opens at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC for 76 performances]]><![CDATA[1996-04-24 :: &quot;Jack-Night on Town with John Barrymore&quot; opens at Belasco for 12 performances]]><![CDATA[1996-04-24 :: 31st Academy of Country Music Awards: Shania Twain]]><![CDATA[1996-04-24 :: Highest scoring baseball game in 17 years - Twins 24, Tigers 11]]><![CDATA[1995-04-24 :: Court orders Darryl Strawberry to pay back $350,000 in taxes]]><![CDATA[1995-04-24 :: Dow Jones Index hits record 4303.98]]><![CDATA[1995-04-24 :: Package bomb, linked to Unabomber, blows up killing Gilbert B Murray]]><![CDATA[1994-04-24 :: &quot;Broken Glass&quot; opens at Booth Theater NYC for 73 performances]]><![CDATA[1994-04-24 :: &quot;Flowering Peach&quot; closes at Lyceum Theater NYC after 41 performances]]><![CDATA[1994-04-24 :: Actress Kelly Preston (26) weds actor Lou Diamond Phillips (32)]]>